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Intermountain Volleyball Association

The Intermountain Volleyball Association (IVA) is a non-profit organization affiliated with USA Volleyball – the national governing body for amateur volleyball. The primary objective of the IVA is to furnish an opportunity for volleyball players to participate in an organized schedule of tournament play. IVA offers different programs in which a team or an individual may participate: Adult, Junior, High Performance, Indoor, and Outdoor. Each of these programs has its own Program Coordinator who formulates schedules, procures tournament sites, arranges for officials and communicates information to the team representatives.

Historical Profile

The Intermountain Volleyball Association was first incorporated by Mr. George Miles of Kaysville, Utah.  Mr. Harold Buckner ran the IVA until its incorporation status expired with the State of Utah in 1990.  In early 1991 Kimberly Norman, Stuart Sherman, and Chris Blackhurst reincorporated the Intermountain Volleyball Association with the State of Utah and formed its first board of directors. The Intermountain Volleyball Association had a very small Junior Olympic Volleyball program in the late 1980’s.  With the first IVA Board of Directors meeting after reincorporating, the IVA, under the direction of Kimberly Norman, launched its successful Junior Olympic Volleyball Program. The first year proved successful with a significant increase of 500% in IVA membership.  The Junior Olympic Volleyball membership increased from 25 members to 660 members during that same year.  Since this time there has been a large increase in Junior Volleyball membership every year. Junior Olympic Volleyball is currently named Junior National Volleyball, but the affiliation and support to the US Olympic teams continues. IVA continues to grow with the main theme, “What is good for Volleyball!” The Intermountain Region has hosted many National Events including the 2001, 2002 and 2005 Girls Junior Olympic Championships.  The 2008 Boys Junior Olympic Championships. The 2007 Men’s World League, USA Women’s National team exhibition matches and the NORCECA Youth Championships.